Tomb of Rasha

Co-op game for 1-2 players

Tomb of Rasha can be played as a Solo or cooperative game in which you have to explore a tomb alone or in a team of 2 players and defeat the snake queen Rasha. During the search through the tomb, the adventurers must bathe their way past various monsters and obstacles. This dungeon crawler is played with a 54-card deck.

“Ah adventurers, you have arrived. Recent attacks by foul beasts have been reported and forced our hand in seeking your help. For centuries, the tomb of the fallen snake queen, Rasha, has lied dormant, so why now does it stir with these monsters? Seek out the cause brave adventurers. Please help us.”

Start the adventure with these heroes;

    Prototype reviews:

    Overall, we enjoyed the experience the game brought and we think the game has really good potential! ” – The Player Lair

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