Notable Dutch and Flemish game publishers

View below which Dutch and Flemish game publishers there are. For each publisher we have checked whether they are open to receiving your new game idea and what type of games they are looking for. Which publisher does your game suit?

999 Games
999 games

999 Games is always open to receive game ideas. Normally you can show your game during the Ducosim games fair in Amersfoort. Because of Corona that is now a bit difficult, but you can now also offer your game outside of it. The guideline is that you have a fully developed game of which the artwork is also ready, the production costs do not exceed 8 euros and take a maximum of 90 minutes.

Type of games:
- Family games for large audiences
- Party games

Asmodee uitgever

In addition to being a game publisher, Asmodee is also one of the largest distribution parties in the Netherlands. For 2018 they went under the name Enigma Distribution Benelux BV. Asmodee is open to your own designs but you have to send them to the head office in France.

Type of games:
- Trading card games


Bannan is a Belgian publisher founded by two brothers. They release games that they themselves enjoy playing. As a new publisher, they initially focus on their own games.

Black Box Adventures

Black Box Adventures is open to new game ideas. This independent publisher was founded by two game enthusiasts. They like to think out of the box.

Type of games:
- Unique themes
- Originality

Boosterbox Uitgevers

Boosterbox is mainly known in the Netherlands as a distributor, but they also release games under their own management. There is no information available whether they also accept submissions from individual playmakers.

Broken Mill

Broken Mill is a small Dutch publisher that mainly focuses on the international market via Kickstarter. For the time being, they only focus on their own game ideas.

Elveneargames is a small publisher and currently only publishes self-created games.

Game Brewer

The Game Brewer is always open to new game concepts. This Belgian publisher is mainly looking for expert games. You can get them through them website to achieve. A game must meet the following criteria:

  • Expert Game
  • Innovative game mechanics
  • Fully playable and tested among your friends at least 100 times
  • A fluently readable and complete rulebook (English, Dutch or French)
  • Preferably not illustrated yet

As a publisher, Gamesformotion may be a bit of an odd man out. They publish, among others, chocolate variants of well-known board games. They also focus on educational or promotional games and thus fulfill a different role than the average board game publisher.

Grumpy Owl Games

Grumpy Owl Games consists of a multidisciplinary team of 4 game enthusiasts. In addition to board games, they also focus on digital games or a combination of the two. They are also open to discuss your own game idea.


Goliath is a publisher of games and toys. You know them from well-known names such as Domino, Rummikub and Triominos. With this sturdy wallet, they don't seem to be looking for your game ideas, but you can always send them an email.

HOT Games

HOT stands for Handels-Onderneming Telgenkamp. They don't actually belong in this list because they are a wholesaler instead of a publisher. However, they do have a significant role in the Dutch board game landscape.


Hasbro is best known as a producer of toys, but they also publish games aimed at children. It is a well-established name from America, so you will not easily interfere with your own game. However, they also have a Dutch section.

HenMar Games

HenMar Games releases games on a small scale. The games focus on playability for all ages with mostly puzzle-like games.

Identity Games

At Identity Games you can pitch your own games. They are also known for making business games with which companies can radiate a certain identity (according to Identity Games). They are open to everything, as long as it has a unique and individual character.

Jolly Dutch

Jolly Dutch works through Kickstarter for the release of their games. They now have four names in their portfolio, but are still focusing on their own game ideas.


Not to be confused with the supermarket, Jumbo has been an established name as a Dutch publisher for years. They receive many requests for new game ideas every week. So make sure you approach them with a professional story. You can do this through them website.

Jumping Turtle Games

Jumping Turtle Games is a Belgian publisher that makes its own games and releases existing games in Dutch. You can submit your own game to them to see if they want to take it into production. They have already worked with many amateur designers.

Just Games

Just Games is known for the relationship between famous TV programs and their games. They have released an Expedition Robinson, Smartest man and Wie is de Mol game. They are also open to receiving new game ideas. They are looking for the following types of games:

Type of games:
- family games
- children's games
- expert games
- memo games
- puzzles

Keep Exploring Games

At Keep Exploring Games you can not only publish the game through them, but also enter into a partnership in which they help you publish your own game through Kickstarter. They can provide advice, run your entire campaign or anything in between. This can be very interesting for game designers who want to self-publish, but could use a little help.

Mare Infinitus Games

Mare Infinitus Games is a small Dutch game publisher from Den Bosch. Founded in 2019, the focus has been on designing inspiring games with a positive image. They also find the replayability of games important.

NiNi Games

Hey, this is us :D!

NiNi Games is a new Dutch game publisher. We are busy bringing our first games to market and are sharing our experiences with others. You can always share your game idea with us and we like to think along, but before publishing we want to focus on our own games first.

Pumpkin Games

Pumpkin Games is a small Dutch game publisher. Although they have few games under their name yet, they are open to new game ideas. Pumpkin Games tries to distinguish itself by also focusing on the educational side of games.

Quined Games
Quined Games logo

Quined Games was founded in 2005 by two brothers. They are open to new game ideas, although they indicate that they cannot cover every new game idea in detail if it does not fit in their portfolio.

Type of games:
Medium / Heavy Strategy Games


Tacic Games Benelux want to become the largest board game publisher in the world. There is little information to find out whether they also accept game ideas from others, but you can always email them!

The Gamefantry
The Gamefantry

The Gamefantry is a new game publisher in the Netherlands. In 2020 they released their first 4 games. They are also open to new game ideas.

Type of games:
- Family games
- Preference for games from Dutch soil

The Game Master

In addition to normal board and card games, The Game Master also makes customized games for companies, governments and education. For example, they regularly use their games for educational purposes.


Vendetta originated from the game specialty store “De Joker” on the Oude Gracht in Utrecht. They are happy to help from their experience to further develop your game idea and to find ways to publish it. Definitely worth contacting!

White Goblin Games

White Goblin Games are open to receiving new game ideas. They are one of the larger game publishers in the Benelux with a very wide range of games. You can always contact them by sending your game rules by email.

Type of games:
- Strategic games
- Max 2 hours
- Vaart must stay in it

Waterfall Games

Waterfall Games is a small game publisher who have released at least 2 games in the past years. They do not yet indicate that they also embrace outside ideas.

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