Which sources of inspiration can help you make your own game?

Brainstorming At a number of innovative or creative companies, the subject of brainstorming is a brain teaser. The challenge then lies in how you can stimulate creativity in employees who have been working with the same techniques and processes for years. There are cabinets full of literature written about brainstorming, but it always comes back to the basics. How do you make people deviate from their standard thinking patterns ...

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Tips for writing the rules of the game

Game rules are very important! Writing good rules is extremely difficult, but also very important. People cannot play your game if they don't understand the rules of the game. This applies to every game on the shelves, but also in the testing phase of a game the rules of the game must be clear and complete. It's hard to find playtesters. Make sure that...

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Tips for testing your self developed game

Testing a new game Every new successful game must be tested a lot. This might be the most important step of creating your own game. With extensive testing, you will not only prevent major issues, but are able to improve your game every time. Do not be afraid that people might not like the game at first, most people don't mind...

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