Which sources of inspiration can help you make your own game?

Brainstorming At a number of innovative or creative companies, the subject of brainstorming is a brain teaser. The challenge then lies in how you can stimulate creativity in employees who have been working with the same techniques and processes for years. There are cabinets full of literature written about brainstorming, but it always comes back to the basics. How do you make people deviate from their standard thinking patterns ...

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Roll and Write Games

Game mechanics explained: Roll & Write

Game mechanics In this series of blog posts in which we highlight game mechanics, we will discuss different game mechanics each time. We explain what the game mechanics entail, give examples of games that apply this mechanism and give tips if you want to make a game yourself with this game mechanism. Today we zoom in on the game mechanics Roll and Write. Or check out our previous article on Deck Building. Roll ...

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Tips for writing the rules of the game

Game rules are very important! Writing good rules is extremely difficult, but also very important. People cannot play your game if they don't understand the rules of the game. This applies to every game on the shelves, but also in the testing phase of a game the rules of the game must be clear and complete. It's hard to find playtesters. Make sure that...

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Game mechanics explained: Deck Builder

Game mechanics When you come to our website as a playmaker you can learn a lot about everything that comes with releasing a game yourself. Testing your game, conversations with a production company, publishing your game via Kickstarter, all important topics. But what if you are still stuck with what kind of game you want to make ...

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