Family game for 2-6 players

Will you be the first to escape from the police? In Apescape you play as a gorilla who has escaped from a prison. You flee over the roofs of the city on your way to the woods. The first gorilla to reach the woods wins the game. But beware, the police are on your heels. If they catch you, you have to go back to prison anyway.

In a world inhabited by animals, you and your group of gorillas have been arrested for stealing bananas. Fortunately, you have come up with an escape plan that also turns out to be successful. Once out of prison, you realize that there is still a long way to go before you are free again.

Race against the other gorillas to be the first to taste freedom before the police catch you again. You can use anything, such as poo to block certain routes, or decoy whistles to lure the police to other locations.

Prototype reviews:

This is a great game for kids ”- Pim Mol (father of 4 children)